Fuchsia new operating system by Google without Linux kernel

In August 2016 the mysterious source code available on GitHub reveal that Google was developing a new operating system called "Fuchsia" but there is no announcement.

Fuchsia is a open source operating system the 
mixer of software licences are BSD 3 Clause,MIT and Apache 2.0

Google had develop  Android  and Chrome OS Operating System under the Linus Kernel but the Fuchsia is based on new microkernel named Magneta it is also called as "Little Kernel". Fuchsia capable to run universal device such as embedded system,smartphone,tablet PC and Personal Computer.

The Magneta Kernel follows MIT-style license which allow to whatever want write to code.

According to the Ars Technica notes that the interface  and apps on Fuchsia  are written using Google Flutter SDK a project capable of producing cross-platform code  that can run on Android as well as iOS. 

Fuchsia was written in mix of C,C++,Dart,Go,Rust and Python programming language.Google in house Web development language which focuses on high performance apps on mobile.

Fuchsia is using Vulkan-based  graphics rendered called  Escher.

Will Fuchsia replace Android and Chrome OS in smartphone,tablet PC and Personal Computer.

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